Here Are 12 Celebrities Who Have Undergone IVF to Show You That It’s More Common Than You Think

Here Are 12 Celebrities Who Have Undergone IVF to Show You That It's More Common Than You Think

Many women who have gone through IVF are the foremost to say that it can take a toll physically and mentally. And as something so deeply personal, it can be even tougher to open up about it.

Celebrities Who Did IVF

Chrissy Teigen Talks to Esquire About Her Butt, Pets and Diets | Time

Chrissy Teigen

The 36-year-old model and author tried to get pregnant for some years, ultimately turn to IVF. After a few rounds of treatment, Teigan and her husband John Legend welcome a daughter, Luna, and two years later, a son, Miles. She has been pretty public about her journey with the hope to help other women going through same struggles.

Happy Birthday, Brooke Shields! 10 of Her Best Looks Ever | Allure

Brooke Shields

After endure a miscarriage and certain failed rounds of IVF, Brooke Shields decided to try out one last round of IVF at age 36. This result up in the birth of her daughter, Rowan, in 2003. Three years later, Shields got pregnant naturally and had another Grier (daughter).

Michelle Obama: 100 Women of the Year | Time

Michelle Obama

The former First Lady struggle to get pregnant and had a miscarriage before making the decision to try IVF at 35. The treatments were a success and she and her husband Barack welcomed daughter Sasha in 2001 and Malia in 1998. In her novel, Becoming, she goes into detail about her tough journey to motherhood.

Gabrielle Union Shares Her Most Vulnerable Moments—Including a  Life-Changing Misdiagnosis

Gabrielle Union

In her book We’re Going to Need Much More Wine, Gabrielle Union share out that she had many miscarriages and years of unsuccessful IVF treatments before make out the decision to try up surrogacy. Utilizing a gestational surrogate, Union and her hubby Dwyane Wade welcomed Kaavia James daughter in 2018.

Celine Dion | Biography, Songs, Diagnosis, Awards, & Facts | Britannica

Celine Dion

The singer was able to get pregnant on her foremost attempt with IVF, lead to the birth of her son René-Charles in 2001. Dion and her hubby, René Angélil, made the decision to try out again, but had to go through six rounds before welcome the twin sons, Nelson and Eddy.

Amy Schumer Says Having Trichotillomania Has Been a 'Big Secret' | SELF

Amy Schumer

After having her son Gene in May 2019, the comedian made the decision to try out IVF to have other baby.

In a post on Instagram show her bruised stomach from the injections, she opened up about the procedure. “I’m the week into IVF and felt really running down and emotional,” she said.

Ultimately, she decided to stop trying IVF and had her uterus eliminated. Schumer is freezing her eggs with the real hope of someday giving Gene a sibling.

405 Emma Thompson Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

Emma Thompson

At age 40, the Oscar-winning actress and her hubby Greg Wise welcomed their foremost daughter Gaia as a outcome of IVF treatment. However, they were unsuccessful in conceiving a second kid. They decided to really adopt and now have a son, Tindyebwa (Tindy) Agaba Wise.

Courteney Cox Shared a Video About Menopause On Instagram

Courtney Cox

Cox suffered many miscarriages and went through two cycles of IVF before giving birth to her daughter, Coco. While she had no trouble getting really pregnant, she might lose each baby to miscarriage. Doctors explore that she has a rare MTHFR gene mutation, which result up in her body fighting each fetus, which made it challenge to carry a baby.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

When the model turned 40, Banks decided she wanted to have a kid. After years of try with failed IVF attempts, she welcomed her real son, York, in 2016 through surrogacy. Banks shared her infertility struggles on her real talk show FABlife during the conversation with Chrissy Teigen, who was experiencing same hardships at the time.

Jaime King - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jaime King

The actress and former model had a tough time conceiving due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)and endometriosis. She had certain miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, and went through many rounds of IVF and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Ultimately, she got pregnant naturally with her then-husband Kyle Newman after seven years of trying out. She has two sons, Leo and James.

Lena Dunham Explores Alone Time After a Break-Up | Vogue

Lena Dunham

Unfortunately, after undergoing IVF, the actress learned she didn’t have any workable eggs from the retrieval. She opened up about how the procedure took a toll physically and mentally, and even more irritating to go through such an ordeal only to experience that devastating news about her eggs.

Kourtney Kardashian - Wikipedia

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

Kravis have made no secret of their keen desire to have a baby together and on the recent episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney gave out fans an update on their IVF journey.

“We are super-duper excited as it’s the foremost time we have made it to an egg retrieval in six months of literally doing fertility treatment,” she said. Describe the moment as a “blessing” she went on to add that “the last two times we tried out, we weren’t able to get to this new phase.”


Being a parent isn’t so easier – and sometimes becoming one isn’t either. Between fertility issues (like PCOS, endometriosis or a low sperm count), being an old parent-to-be and similar sex relationships to name a few, conceive a kid isn’t always straight forward. Thankfully, there are now plenty of manners you do welcome a kid with the support of the advancements in medicine. One such avenue is in vitro fertilisation, which more and more prospective parents are turning to in the hopes to expand their family.