COVID in India: How has the Pandemic impacted life of People



COVID in India: How has the Pandemic impacted life of People

The worldwide pandemic COVID-19 which is caused by SARS-CoV-2 has been too severe and affected so many lives. The first case of Covid-19 in India was reported on 30th January 2020 since then it started spreading and now it’s been more than a year but it is still here no one ever thought it could be this invasive. In March 2019 when the rise in cases was reported Government took immediate action and imposed a lockdown all the educational institutes were closed even offices except essential services and since then all the students have been at home including so many people who lost their jobs. There’s barely anyone who faced nothing because of COVID-19.


What is COVID-19?

Covid-19 is a disease caused by a severe respiratory syndrome virus called SARS-CoV-2. It’s a worldwide pandemic and affected 220 countries and territories. It was 12th January 2020 when WHO confirmed COVID-19 firstly in WUHAN.

Why COVID-19 impacted so badly?

It has been a year since Covid-19 has been reported but still, the cause of this virus is unknown and that is where the main problem started as it wasn’t easy to find a cure for the disease with an unknown cause.

After the COVID-19 outbreak things went upside down nobody was prepared for such drastic change that too globally there is barely anyone who was the same as before.

It is not easy to cope up with such tremendous changes especially for daily wage earners as they can’t go outside. Poor people faced major difficulties due to the coronavirus. A sedentary lifestyle overpowered everyone’s lives which are again harmful to health.

So many challenges were faced by people of almost all age groups and we will discuss them step-wise.

COVID impact in India: How has the pandemic impacted life of people?


After Covid-19 spread, all the schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutes also got closed due to lockdown. Though everyone priorly thought things will be better soon nothing went well hence all the educational institutes decided to opt online education system.

People living in rural areas had no access to the internet poor people didn’t have smartphones through government helped and gradually things got settled now majorly schools are depending on E-learning only.

But even after the E-learning concept there are some disadvantages which are inevitable like not everyone is aware of how to operate everything even some teachers were also finding it difficult to work on the online platform because obviously, it is not easy for everyone especially if children belong to a poor family or say illiterate family then who would help such children to understand things properly unlike other literate parents with digital knowledge apart from this in some areas there no access to the internet or in few locations there is a problem of consistent power cut not everyone is on the same page. Some people are facing a lot of issues.

Due to COVID-19, we have witnessed constant delay of exams be it of primary secondary level or UPSC or any other competitive exams most of the exams got delayed but whom to blame no one this is how Covid has impacted students life. As of now even the 10th and 12th class boards got canceled.

Keeping all these things under consideration students already finding it difficult to cope up with educational changes. And while going through all this they often have to face peer pressure as well which makes them feel sad.

But there is a positive side of this as well like maybe forcefully but now students and teachers started working digitally which will improve their level of understanding of various digital platforms and make them learn more.

Because of COVID-19, everyone got enough time to self-analyze and know what they are lacking or what they are interested in if someone has utilized this time properly then they can develop new skills and can grab good opportunities.

Daily wage earners:

Daily wage earners work for their survival just to get food for a day and daily needs and by the time lockdown imposed their life became more like hell as they barely got food to eat.

You must have watched on television when migrant workers were fighting the battle to go back to their respective hometowns because they were in the place where they might either die by COVID-19 or by hunger this is how helpless and hopeless they were and even now people are facing such issues as still, COVID-19 is here only.

But here also we got to witnessed like Sonu Sood and Sikh gurudwara’s numerous NGOs, Temples, Churches, Masjids everyone joined together and helped people in all possible ways and it indeed is commendable and worth the praise.

Mental Health:

Mental health has been challenged the most because of the coronavirus as people lost their loved ones, students lost their precious time overthinking overpowered people’s lives.

You must have seen at least one or probably more such cases where from one single-family two or more people died due to COVID-19 or maybe the whole family how come the members who survived can get over this losing family members is one of the most painful things anyone can witness such thing take the hope of being happy away from you.

There are so many reasons which emerged and made people feel depressed or stressed during this COVID period as many people lost their jobs. Some lost the ability to socialize and kept overthinking all these things eventually challenge their mental health.


The economy of India was already facing a fall and when COVID-19 appeared it just kept on decreasing because of very obvious reasons as the government started schemes to provide free food to poor ones and it was necessary but it eventually leads to an economic fall.

Because of COVID investors either stopped investing as they lost confidence and because of this Sensex and Nifty undergo major crashes to yearly lows which otherwise on the rise before COVID-19.

A huge mismatch in demands and resources is also a major thing as it is quite tough to meet the demands of people because of the low availability of resources comparative to demands.

Non-essential businesses got a severe hit as they were closed because of lockdown for so long and expected to remain close in the future as well if required so they faced major losses like malls, gyms, casinos, clubs.

Domestic Violence:

Lockdown forced people to stay locked inside which is not too common nowadays as people are working at least one partner works outside hence, people cannot stay with such proximity that too for a longer period, and this proximity when meets the ideology clash it leads to domestic violence.

Also, people who are stressed because of work or maybe who feel frustrated due to restriction get involved in domestic violence. During the COVID-19 period, lots of couples decided to get separated.

It all happens because of frustration so surveys say that because of the coronavirus domestic violence cases have increased.


All this while Doctors/Nurses and all the frontline workers worked consecutively without worrying about themselves as a result many Doctor’s lost their lives even but here comes the dark side where people should be grateful towards them people are blaming them beating them if their patient dies because of COVID-19.

More than a year has passed and healthcare services are still on the same page with no rest priorly they started COVID testing and now vaccination but still they are facing lots of issues lack of equipment or vaccines is one among those issues.

Also while all this happen patients also faced issues like lack of oxygen cylinders which majorly happened during the second wave in India.

How to deal with negative thoughts during COVID?

Meditation is something that keeps you sane and derives your power towards positive energies so try meditation it will help you a lot and you can continue doing this even after COVID.

Develop skills as it will not just keep you engaged but also helps you to get the job or at least can help in personality development. Working on yourself is the best thing one should do to utilize time.

Spend quality time with family by reviving good old days be a reason of creating positive vibes this way you can help yourself and others as well because eventually whatever happens around you is an answer to your deeds so try doing good.

Read positive things or watch comedy shows and better stay away from news channels as they exaggerate normal things and create a fuss about normal things so it is better to stay away from negativity.


Hope is the only thing that helps you to keep going on so it is better to think positive and do something productive and hope that days without COVID and masks are near.

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