Natural Ways For Hair growth : Oil and home remedies


Your hair requires nourishment and care in order to appear healthy instead of damaged. A healthy hair care routine can help to restore volume and shine to thinning hair. Hair maintenance does not always necessitate a trip to the salon and exorbitant expenditures. With just a few natural components for hair growth, you may engage in certain hair roots treatment completely at home.

Having those lush, lustrous, and bouncing tresses we see in hair advertising is a fantasy we all have, especially when we have to deal with the effects of pollution, climate, and heat stress on a regular basis. Our hair is prone to roughness, loss, dullness, frizz, and splitting due to factors such as our genetics, hormone imbalance, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and food.

With all of these possible strand stresses, it’s no wonder that maintaining glossy hair demands ongoing effort. Even though there are no quick fixes for healthier hair, making the effort to maintain your tresses strong is well worth it. Maintaining excellent hair can appear straightforward with a few minor changes to your routine. Home cures are a better and safer alternative to chemical-laden products.

We’ve collected a list of the top homeopathic remedies for healthy hair to assist you in your search for natural therapies. Explore these excellent hair loss cures, which range from healthy oils to natural vitamins, for suggestions on how to grow hair:

Coconut oil 

Probably one of the best home remedies for healing weak hair is coconut oil. It’s a special blend of fatty acids that boosts hair health while also conditioning it. It also combats the dandruff-induced dryness, which is a key cause of hair loss. The UV blockers in coconut oil prevent your hair from sun exposure.

Whenever hair is wet, it is most fragile. Preventing damage to your hair by rubbing coconut oil on it before or just after washing this could help. Allow it to rest in your hair for the first few hours (or even overnight) before rinsing it out. Coconut oil might help you grow your hair faster if you use it on a daily basis.

Olive Oil

Olive oil’s antioxidants are thought to promote new hair growth while also acting as a natural conditioning, leaving your hair softer. Raw garlic is high in Vitamin C, which encourages hair development, and it also contains selenium, which improves blood circulation. You may also give your scalp a basic Coconut milk massage. And for its inherent vitamins and healing characteristics, coconut milk for healthy hair works wonderfully.


Protein-rich diets are required for natural hair growth. Protein is required for optimal physiological function, and a lack could be the cause of hair loss. You may have observed hair loss as a primary adverse reactions if you have a protein shortage. Try a nutritious protein-rich diet that is healthy and well-balanced.

Eating extra fish, beans, lentils, eggs, chicken, and mixed nuts are just a few simple methods to boost your protein intake. Protein consumption should be proportional to the quantity of physical activity you do and the quantity of muscle mass you really have to sustain.

Hair Growth and Volume with Onion Juice

The simple onion, in addition to giving flavour to your cuisine, may also do miracles for your hair. It contains sulphur, which aids in the synthesis of keratin in hair, which promotes hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles and increases blood circulation, boosting hair renewal. Onion juice contains antioxidants that protect hair from free radical damage, preventing premature greying. Moreover, onion juice’s antimicrobial capabilities keep the scalp free of infections, resulting in hair that is strong, lustrous, and abundant.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

This vinegar washes the scalp smoothly and preserves the pH balance of the hair, promoting hair development. To make a diluted solution, start by diluting 75ml in one 1 l water for a bigger batch or 15 ml in a mug of hot purified water for a smaller batch. After you’ve washed your hair, use this mixture as a final rinse. This would also add lustre to your hair and promote hair growth. We are confident that you will enjoy such hair growth home treatments.


Hibiscus flowers are high in vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and repairs the harm they do to hair. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp, which helps to nurture the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Hibiscus flowers are also high in phosphorus, calcium, and other elements that help to thicken hair and prevent excessive shedding and breakage.

Eggs Mask

Egg is the most adaptable ingredient, as it may be used alone or in conjunction with other substances such as essential oils, lemon, yoghurt, or honey to get thick, lustrous, and bouncy hair. The yolk of an egg is high in healthy fats that replace moisture in your hair and make it look smooth and shining. The natural keratin in eggs aids in the repair of damaged and humidity-damaged hair.

Aloe Vera 

Another well-known home treatment for hair growth and strength is aloe vera. For thousands of years, the gel-like fluid contained within its thick leaves has been used to cure skin sores and hair issues. It can be utilised to strengthen your hair and improve the health of your scalp. The best type of Aloe vera to use on hair is the raw gel of the plant.

If gently applied on the head, aloe vera gel can enter hair follicles. After first hour, wash the gel with a gentle shampoo. It not only soothes your irritated scalp, but it also removes oil from your hairs. This home cure might help you achieve smooth, glossy, and thick hair.


Avocado helps to encourage hair growth and thickening. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most effective at-home keratin treatments. Avocado can nourish, mend, and thicken your hair thanks to its high fat content, vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Avocado is most typically utilised as an oil. It can be applied on the scalp in a tiny amount. After a few moments, softly massage the scalp with your fingertips before washing it with the chemical-free wash. Avocado can give your hair a new lease of life by thickening and lengthening it.