7 Best Burping Techniques – Baby Fast Burp

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When you are the parent of a baby, there are a few things that are as deeply satisfying as the sound of a baby burping. After one minute of patting the back, the poor man in your arms suddenly utters a deep, even louder sound — ah, the sound of accomplishment! Music to your ears. True, it is a shame when someone hears you, but for children, it is one of the most important things they need help with. You wonder why you should pierce the baby — and more importantly, how to burp the baby?

So here are some easy and simple ways in which you can make a baby burp without pressurizing them to do so. You can follow these precautions carefully and conveniently.

How to burp a baby on your lap

Sit on your lap. Sit the baby on your lap facing away from you, lower its weight slightly forward on one of your hands (make sure you support the chest and head) and pat it gently on the back.

How to burp a baby on your shoulder

On your shoulder. Slide the baby over your shoulder and pat him or her gently on the back.

How to burp a baby on your thighs

Looking down at your thighs. Lay him on his stomach over your thigh with his head facing one side. The child is strong with one hand, and then gently pats the child and rubs his back with the other.

Lie on your knees

If you are sitting in a chair, just move your baby to the bed on your stomach on your knees. You can move your legs to the side to move them and gently massage or rub your back until they burp. The baby can stay here as long as you want to stay seated.

Pressure on the abdomen

First, hold her high enough so that the upper abdomen is facing your shoulder, creating a gentle pressure. Secondly, make him comfortable by rubbing his back and moving slowly, circularly, slightly at first, and if necessary, increase the pressure until he breaks, “he said. “It always works.”

How to burp while brushing

When brushing a baby, it is a good idea to put a damp cloth over your shoulder or thigh to protect your clothes and keep the dirt in good condition. “Saliva and unpasteurized milk are often accompanied by gas as it flows out.

Grease between the sides switch, or the centre bottle

A drowsy baby may enjoy his meal to the point of overeating and not realizing that he needs to rest for a while. Help your child get more punctured and avoid any major gas pains by slowing down your diet.

Cover your baby between changing sides on the breast or before he or she finishes his or her bottle. This will also help your baby to be able to get extra milk instead of barking and spitting on any of their food.

  • Hold on to the shoulder

If you are breastfeeding your baby standing upright, you can gently move it straight and place it on your shoulder. Babies can continue to sleep in this cozy place while the pressure from your shoulder pushes the stomach to release gas. Keep a burp rag on your shoulder if your child is accustomed to spitting.

  • Hold it down to your chest

In the same way as before, you can lift your baby straight up and down and keep it in your chest or uterus. This may be more comfortable when you are on the sofa. Kids love to wrap their legs in a frog area (a bonus move to release more gas from their buttocks) and you can support their head and wait for the piercing to arrive.

  • Rock on your arm (sloth hold)

After breastfeeding, you can slowly move them away from you by 45 degrees so that their abdomen stays on your arm. Support their head at the tip of their elbow. Their legs may hang on either side of your arm. This condition puts pressure on their abdomen and you can gently hold your hands on your back until it collapses. You can do this position while sitting or standing.