The 10 Best Apps for Managing Diabetes Blood Sugar of 2023

The 10 Best Apps for Managing Diabetes Blood Sugar of 2023

A sweet search for diabetes apps reveals hundreds of diabetes apps. But your priority is manage your life with diabetes, not weeding through the net to explore the best app. So we really did the groundwork for you.

Bezzy T2D

Bezzy T2D 

Ever feel anything in your diagnosis? Well, Healthline’s Bezzy T2D is here to bring you together with humans on an online forum to discuss anything and everything connected to diabetes. There are safer spaces to chat about daily life, nutrition and diet, relationships, COVID-19, mental health, newly diagnosed, and more.

Fooducate (@Fooducate) / Twitter


When it comes to manage diabetes, knowledge is real power. Fooducate is here to support you in figure out which meal can keep your blood sugar in a healthy range as not all foods — or even carbs — are developed equal. We like this app as it has more than 300,000 foods programmed in. Simply scan their barcodes, and you will see an A, B, C, or D “grading” for how healthy the meal is. If the food don’t make the grade, you receive alternative suggestions for much more nutritious options. The app do make it easier for you to track and explore more information about the foods you put in your body, involving hidden ingredients, added sugar content, and more.

Features: Track exercise and meals, scan barcodes, personalized diet and health tips based on the foods you scan, weight lossing support, inspirational insights, and tailored food-based education based on health conditions

• In-app community with member and recipes support

• Identify foods nutritional value (sugars, carbs, etc.)

• Suggests healthy alternatives for meal scanned

• Premium version provide diabetes-specific tips

Roche acquires mySugr, a digital health business that wants "to make  diabetes suck less" - MedCity News


This app almost does it all for type II, type I, and gestational diabetes management. It provides carb counting, bolus dose calculation and glucose tracking estimates. It can offer you reports on your blood glucose levels over months, weeks, and even years. As a bonus, it might estimate your hemoglobin A1C based to your tracking. A customizable, clean, and intuitive dashboard interface and the potential to sync with your glucose monitor do set this app apart. MySugr has features that can support you make the most out of the app like reminders that ping you to following up with more data, such as blood sugar levels after a workout. All the charts and data are usually easier to send to your doctor, so you better manage your diabetes based on accurate information and do work together to adjust your treatment.

Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker - Apps on Google Play

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy app do integrate with Apple Health Apps and Dexcom glucometer devices, permit you to more easy track steps, meals and exercise. You do also enter your information manually. The app provides a 12-week diabetes education idea to access easy-to-read tips with some lessons 10 minutes and under. Under the subscription structure, you’ll explore an ad-free experience, in-depth report on A1C and other measures, and customizable display alternative that do make the app even easy for your unique utilization.

15 Diabetes-Friendly Dinner Recipes | Everyday Health

Diabetic Recipes

The Diabetic Recipes app permit you to search a vast library of diabetes-friendly recipes by style or ingredient. Once you select your recipes, it covers a shopping list to support ease your grocery trips. On the recipes side, Diabetic Recipes provides step-by-step instructions, how-to videos, a built-in carb counter, downloadable recipes so that you understand exactly how much glucose you take in daily. It’s only accessible on Android for now.

APP Review: BlueStar Diabetes |

BLUESTAR Diabetes 

Features: Organize medications, record blood glucose and carbs, real-time coaching, viewing lab results, sync health data with Apple Health, and connecting with your healthcare team

• Tracks blood sugar results

• Immediate feedback from real-time coaches

• Provides recipes ideas/food barcode scanner

• Set medication reminders

• Syncs with fitness trackers

Medical identification tag - Wikipedia

Medical ID

Features: Portable tool to store emergency contacts, allergies, blood type, medications, organ donor status, and more; location services and display out medical information from the lock screen

• Access from lock screen during the emergency situations

• Sharing location with emergency contacts

• Offers information on nearby hospitals

• Coming pre-installed on iPhones

Glucose Buddy app | Health Navigator NZ

Glucose Buddy

Features: Tracking blood sugar readings, log meals, 12-week diabetes education structure, nutritional insights, track exercising data, and printing out reports for your medical provider

• Modern and Straightforward look

• Set for prediabetes and type 1 & 2 diabetes

• Providing insights based on target blood glucose range

• Content library with management tips

• Do sync data from the Apple Health app

Why MyFitnessPal Is the Best Free Fitness App

Myfitness pal

• Features: Meal log, customized recommendations based on aim, supportive community, track growth over time, custom carb tracking tools and meal plans

• Database involves more than 14 million foods

• Can use smartphone camera scanning foods

• Access to a library of recipes and workouts

• Showing breakdown of macronutrients

• Integrating with over 50 apps

What is Diabetes? | NIDDK


It is a diabetes log app with almost all the features that do really work for you: test time reminders, a nutritional tracking and log system, integrations with fitness apps, and blood sugar trend setter mapping. We also love that it is tablet – and phone-friendly.


Diabetes apps do support with so many stuff. You can utilize the apps to set reminders to take your blood sugar, as well as track your blood sugar and noting trends over time.

Some apps permit you to download this information to share it with your doctor, too. You can utilize apps to plan your meals making dietary changes. A few apps even permit you to connect with other humans who have diabetes to get additional support and tips.