Can White Hair Turn Black Again? About Original Hair Color

White hair

White hair due to aging (old age) does not turn black again naturally. In contrast, white hair solutions appear out due to vitamin deficiency, pollution, food, stress, bleaching, and other physical influences do turn black again if proper way took care of.


It’s no longer speculation that tons of factors make one start to grow on premature white hair. From the research, these are what you found.


It is one of the major and most usual factors responsible for premature white hair in girls, boys, women, and men.

When you have a history line of prematurely white hair in the family, there is a higher probability that you and your hair will follow the rules.

The white hair gene grows with the human after birth, and when the time comes for it to show, it storms out, and there is no treatment to reverse the white hair.

It’s either you leave it that way, or you put in hair dye as no matter what you do, it will still come back years and months later.

Low Or No Melanin Production

The cells in the hair follicles denoted “Melanocytes” generate two pigments. These two pheomelanin and eumelanin join together to develop human natural hair color.

As one lives, the melanocytes continue to insert pigment into the hair, giving its color. But with time, the melanocytes slowly lessen the production of pigment.

This time the hair begins changing to white, and when the melanin production in due course stops, the hair transforms to full-blown white.


The conversation wrote this “There is no proof to connect the onset of whitening to lifestyle, stress, and diet.” but how true is this?

The type of stress one is going through, whether physical, emotional, does influence everything about the human.

For example, If you have ever stressed yourself for a longer time, you will observe that you lost some weight during that time and won’t think up straight manner.

When the whole matter is affecting your body, do you think your hair will be left untouched? Just think about it.

Scalp Infections

Skin conditions such as ringworm, dandruff, and eczema do cause greying. However, grey hair results from scalp Infection could be reversed once the infection is treated properly, no doubt. It is just a matter of time.

Home Remedies to make your hair turn Black

The first significant thing to do is give your hair sufficient attention; the other is to follow remedy commands religiously.

While few humans discover it extraordinary to grow white hair, some don’t like it so much that they can go to any level to get it off their hair.

People who don’t smoke have it in their heads that it’s not always about dye and dye. Try out a few of these fast home remedies and see if they work for you.

Mix Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil

Mix lemon juice with coconut oil, put in it your hair, comb, or brush your hair, so the mixture gets absorbed into all the white hair. Before you do this, be certain that your hair is clean.

Permit the mixture to sit on your hair for a few hours or more before washing it off. If you need to apply shampoo, utilize a gentle one.

Add on this to your hair routine, and do this regularly or 4-5 times weekly for at least three months and watch out for the outcome.

The lemon juice is somewhat non-compulsory; it is just to speed up the reaction. If you are hypersensitive to lemon, feel free to utilize only coconut oil.

Consume Biotin and Iron Supplements

Eat fruits and foods rich in biotin and iron, or take supplements suggested by an expert.

You do also try curry leaves with unsalted buttermilk on your hair anytime you need to wash your hair as per your pattern. Put in it to your hair and let it sit for half an hour before you wash up your hair.

This can assist you to get healthy and black hair from roots. It works out for teenage chicks as suggested by her hairstylist.

Avoid Over Stress

Stress up yourself too much does make you age too fast way. Here are our tips that can support you cope with stress.

  • Adjust the work schedule and get a sufficient tiny timeline to take care of yourself.
  • Stay active and be social to keep yourself off a stressful thinking structure.
  • Seek support and advice from family and good friends when issues arise.

Eat Healthily

You do only feel functioning, comfortable, and think well when your body is balanced and satisfied with sufficient nutrients in its good proportion.

Fruits are pretty good at this.

Apply Onions Juice

This juice is highly richer in catalase enzymes; Research has shown that catalase enzyme assists offset hydrogen peroxide. In summary, this signifies that onion juice does make white one turn black hair again naturally.

While applying out the onion juice, make certain that all chunks of the affected zones are touched, let it sit for at least a few times before washing, and that’s it.

Do this in routine and wait a few times as it takes time before it completely turns black again. If, after some months’ time, this didn’t work out, then I suggest you go to a Trichologist.

How to slow the onset of white hair. Here are some additional tips that worked for you in treating your premature grey hair

Unless you have an underlying medical condition and nutritional deficiency, there’s not a clear-cut manner you can stop graying hair. However, there may be a few remedies you can try to support slow the onset:

  • Manag out stress, as stress hormones do interrupt melanin-production in the hair follicles
  • quit smoking, which can be tougher, but a doc do come up with a cessation plan that works for you
  • maintain your weight
  • reduce your exposure to pollution and chemicals
  • protect your hair from the sun by wearing scarves and hats
  • Ensure your body is in balance by eating a balanced, healthy diet.
  • Ignore exposure to straight sun rays.
  • Balance a stress-free lifestyle.
  • Wash out your hair with warm water (not hot).
  • Do not utilize chemical agents to style or dye your hair.
  • Don’t drink up caffeinated beverages.
  • Consume alcohol and smoking do cause oxidative stress in the body.
  • The use of heat on your hair destroys it for longer-term.

These are the things that supported you with your white hair. You can select the best remedy as per your hair type. All the best!