Wholesome Living: Ayurvedic Principles for the Harmonious Home Environment

Wholesome Living: Ayurvedic Principles for the Harmonious Home Environment

Being the world centre, our homes must naturally reflect the personalities, and be a source of calm and peace. This is not always easier to attain when day-to-day stresses and materialistic clutter are brought into this space; further annoyed our anxieties our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Fortunately, Ayurveda offers practical solutions to support us design a sweet home that is the ideal personification of our ultimate safe space.

With the teachings of the principles of Vastu and Ayurveda, here’s a fast look at the manner in which, you too, can develop the ideal Ayurvedic home environment to bring out happiness and health back into the sweet homes.

What is Ayurveda? Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda, is an healing ancient system that aimed to restore balance within the mind and body in order to attain optimal health. With an emphasis to promote healthy living rather than simply curing the diseases symptoms, the holistic and natural approach of Ayurveda has gaining widespread fame and is fast way become a go-to measure for those keen an option to run-of-the-mill treatments.

Ayurveda and Your Home

Though primarily thought of as a structure of medicine, Ayurveda is so much more than that. Literally signify ‘the science of life’, Ayurveda surrounded everything from the diets to a daily routines to develop the most ideal system to bring out balance and harmony to the lives. And this includes the environments too.

Our homes, must therefore of course be a place of calm and peace amidst the chaos. Ayurveda serves handy, simple, and manageable tips that permitted us to design the perfect space that is an optimal living true representation.

Ayurvedic Principles for the Home From Ayurveda, coming the ‘science of architecture’and Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is often signify to as outlines and Indian Feng Shui the principles connected to the architecture of our working and living spaces. This includes the design, spatial, and layout measurements arrangements that permitted you to developed spaces that promote clarity, health, and prosperity.

Few of these guidelines and tips include:

Select colours with care

It’s more than plain way about the aesthetic. The colour palette playing a pivotal role in the development of a positive, warm, and happy space.

Neutral, earthy tones such as beige are perfect for the bedroom to promoting a restful night’s sleep. While bright colours and whitened with warm tones must always be able to explore a place in the sweet home.


The making untidy that we collected, in hopes of someday explore exertion for it, actually acting as a obstacle to move on forwarded. It also triggers overstimulation and stress; not exactly the emotions you need to connect with in the sweet home.

Decluttering, mainly under the bed, brings with it physical and mental peace. Follow Marie Kondo’s example, stick with the stuff that bringing you enjoyed, and discarding the rest.

Know your plants

Indoor plants are a good designing alternative and supports bringing in colour and life to the home. But be selective in the plants choice.

Spikey such as cacti tend to bring in false energy, and are best cramped closeby back doors. Instead, opt for moist such as Money plants which symbolise positivity and abundance.

Optimise ventilation and natural light

Obvious as it might seem, it wants to be said. There is nothing as successful as get rid of false energy as the fresh air breath.

Keeping your windows and doors open permitted for a continual circulation that blocks moisture and stale air from the sweet home.

Harmonise the design and layout

These are the bigger stuff, but the significant things. A important chunk of Vastu lie down in designing the sweet home to optimise the productivity and health of its inhabitant. This denotes that orientation of the home and the placement of the rooms must harmonising with the nature, mostly the suns direction.

For instance, the major entrance of the home must facing eastward to be given the sun nourishing rays. Similarly, the bedrooms should perfectly be placed on the west side, while the kitchen must be in the southeast.

Make the small changes

These changes may seem tiny, and even unimportant, but they do develop a lasting influence on the energy within the sweet home. For example:

Placing tinkling bells at the entrance of your sweet home

Moving the bedroom mirror so that it doesn’t throw back the bed

Placing a nameplate on the doorway

Opt for penetrable fabrics like linen and cotton in place of synthetic fibres for the bed clothes and stuffing

Use aromatherapy

Signify to lessen stress, promoting relaxation and boost immunity, it is an unbelievable healing system that bragged of various benefits and applications. The use of aroma candles, essential oils, and diffuses, are therefore the ideal addition to the sweet home to develop the perfect space of tranquillity and rest.