Updated: These Are the 13 Best Foods to Eat in Summer

With the mercury level on rise, the sun has the potential to drain us out complete way. By avoiding this, we put our bodies at high risk.

Many felt dehydrated during summer months and experience lower energy level is symptom of being hit by it. Hence, it is significant that we must taking extra care during hot seasoning. From eating right to follow some lifestyle changes, we do beat the hazardous effect of summer. Here we have listed a few cool meals that you must definitely adding to your diet fighting against the hottest weather.

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Watermelon, a seasonal summer fruit comes for a reasoning. As it carries 91.45 per cent water, it supports in fulfilling your body’s water requirement. Loaded with anti-oxidants effects, watermelon serves you wonderful cooling effect.

Is Cucumber a Fruit or a Vegetable?


Loaded with fibre, eat cucumber in summer supports in keeping constipation at bay. Cucumber do contain higher water content amount. So, have this crunchy food and staying cool during hot weather.

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Curd is not delicious but also offers a coolant effect to the body. You can use curd in various variants too. Make sweet lassi or spicy buttermilk. You can also making raita and do eat it with your meal. Another alternative to eat curd is by add on seasonal fruits in it or by making up lip-smack smoothies.

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Coconut water

Coconut water is the good summer drink. This ‘not-so-expensive’ drink is accessible in almost all fruit shops and is loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It has cool properties that supports you fight against hot weather. Research also shown that drinking coconut water regular way do protect against cancer.

Mint: Benefits, nutrition, and dietary tips


This inexpensive herb is easy way accessible with almost all vegetable vendors. Add on mint in curd, chaach or in raita could offer you added profits. You do prepare mint chutney, which is the common stuff preparing in almost all Indian houses. Mint not only keeps your body temperature cooling but also offers you a refreshing effect.

Healthy Diet: Here's Why You Should Eat Green Leafy Vegetables Daily

Green leafy vegetables

Having green leafy vegetables around the year offers you numerous profits. And add them to your daily diet is also profitable as a green leafy vegetables containing higher amount of water content. Remember, ignore over-cooking these vegetables as it do cause loss of water content in them.

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You might get surprised to identify that onions too offer cooling properties. Eat them raw might ruin your taste, hence mix it with salt and lemon and preparing salads. Another manner to eat onion is by add on it in your raita, vegetables, and curries. The red onions are load with quercetin, which is considered as the natural anti-allergen. Add on onion to the daily diet also supports in protecting you against a sun-stroke.

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Load with higher amount of water content, it is good to eat melons during summer season. They support you in staying hydrated and offers you a refreshing and cooling effect.

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Lime water

Lime water, also referred to as nimboo pani is refreshing drink for warm season. A glass of lime water offers many health gains. You do have sweet limewater, do add salt, a pinch of cumin powder to it to intensify its flavour. Lime water keeps you refreshed and chilled all day long.

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With water content of 95 per cent, celery carries essential nutrients that keep you going during hot weather. Celery is loaded with sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus!

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If you don’t faith in counting calories, mangoes are the ideal summer treat. The higher iron content in mangoes do support people increase the calcium content in the bodies. As a warm season fruit, it is very refreshing and do suppport prevent heat strokes. It is also higher on vitamins C and A which support building the immune system. Mango ice cream made with almond milk also offer for the summer treat without fret of extra sugar calories, and is vegan friendly.

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The health gain of replacing a normal mean with the salad are incalculable. From lettuce and kale to sprouts – leafy greens are richer in carotenoids which the body converting into vitamin A. This supports to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. It also support in mending dry skin by strengthen the skins defences against Sun. The best chunk about salads is that they could be mixed with almost anything from fruits to fish and still tastier delicious.

The 8 Healthiest Berries You Can Eat


Summer is the juicy season of all sorts of berries that fill with flavonoids which supports the body fight many sincere illnesses. Raspberries, Strawberries, and blueberries are also signify to increase the blood flowing throughout body, regenerate skin and decrease sensitivity to light, make the skin look brighter and improve texture. This could be critical during harsh summer months. Berries are also higher on fibre, approx. 8 gram per cup.