The right way to wear a double mask, so that problems like breathlessness can be relieved

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As another corona virus outbreak sweeps the globe, healthcare professionals are urging people to wear double face masks, a procedure known as “double masking.” Experts believe that this will aid in the creation of a tougher barrier against by the fatal virus. Fabric and surgical masks could be used in tandem to reduce air escape and better suit the curves of the face.

The process of donning two masks, 1 over another, is known as double masking. Although N95 masks are indeed the best model since they adequately cover the face and filter 95% of particulates, they have been observed to create breathing difficulties, insufficient oxygen delivery, and a wide price range. Public health experts and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend double masking as a substitute to N95 masks and as a suitable method to avoid corona virus contamination.

Why do I have to use two masks

Novel corona virus strains are much more infectious. It’s possible that an infected individual sheds more virus, or that less viral particles are required to make you sick. In any case, a highly contagious virus necessitates the use of masks which capture viral agent effectively. Double-masking improves the fit of the mask by filling gaps around the borders and adds extra layers of security against particles entering or exiting the mask.

How to Double-Mask Correctly

Because of the rise in mutant SARS-CoV-2 strains in the nation, simply wearing a fabric mask will not provide safeguards against COVID-19 infection. As per specialists, using the ‘double masking’ strategy could establish a better shield against the fatal contagious infection.

  • Layer a cotton mask on over of a face mask to make the whole thing fit better and avoid gaps all around sides of the face and nose.
  • Make absolutely sure the fit is snug and there are no gaps. Choose a cotton mask with a nose wire and numerous layers of intricately knit, breathable fabric to provide a comfortable fit from around nose area.
  • Holding the mask up to a bright light source will reveal the mask’s substance. It’s of decent quality if it eliminates the light.
  • A mask brace, which is a device constructed of elastic material, can also be used. It goes over the masks and prevents air from flowing from the top edge.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Double Masking

  • Fabric masks with an expiration valve or vent should not be used because respiratory particles can seep into or out of the mask.
  • Wearing more than one throwaway mask at a time is not recommended. Only use the ear loops, cords, or head straps to handle the masks, not the surface.
  • Wearing a KN95 mask or a filtering face-piece respirator with some other mask is not recommended.

Benefits of Double Masking

Better Fit

Several varieties of masks do not suit your face shape. In fact, you’ve probably observed that while you blow in and out, air escapes through the edges of your mask.

This faulty seal could not only enable virus-infected respiratory particles to flee, but also permit them to enter your mask. The use of two masks can help to avoid this from occurring.

While you’re using two masks, the outside mask might gently press on the inner mask’s edges. The inner mask sits quite closely to your skin and makes a better closure when this occurs.

Filtration was improved

SARS-CoV-2 is mostly disseminated through respiratory droplets produced when a person infected with the virus:

  • Speeches
  • Coughing
  • Sneezes

The fabric in a mask screens virus-carrying respiratory particless before they can be inhale.

A mask’s layers aid in increasing its filtration capacity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests wearing a face mask that have at least two or three layers of clothes.

Adding another mask can further increase filtration. It is because it practically increases the number of layers of different materials that virus-infected respiratory droplets must pass through before entering your mouth and face.

Candle test for mask check isn’t effective

Many people inquire about the candle test, however it is not advised. The candle test entails attempting to blow out a candle while donning your mask. Some individuals believe that if you can’t blow out the candle, your mask isn’t leaking. Studies have used different masks to perform a candle test. Even poorly fitting, single layer cotton masks passed a test, indicating that it isn’t a reliable approach for determining a mask’s fit or integrity.

So, you should wear double mask whenever you go out and moreover, you should avoid socializing or stay in crowded places for a long period of time. Stay safe and keep following the norms of Covid-19.