Best Vitamin A Tablets In India For Eyes, Hair and Immunity

Best Vitamin A Tablets In India For Eyes, Hair and Immunity

Watching screens straight hours for work or watching OTT shows indulging will eventually catch our eye. If we do not take appropriate safety precautions now, we may be blaming our little ones. You can use the right screen mirrors but you can’t always rely on them. Maybe you forget one day, or maybe you wear it so much that your eyes may start to ache. You need to change things inside.

Vitamin A is very important to the eyes. If you take in enough Vitamin A, you may find yourself in a better position. So if you start to notice any signs of low vision or life-threatening illness, visit your doctor. And if you are found to be deficient in Vitamin A, here are 12 great Vitamin A supplements you can use.

Vitamin A Tablets

Vitamin A Tablet Available

This is a great source of Vitamin A and, as it can be chewed, you can have it while enjoying it and how it tastes. It is not like the bitter pills we usually avoid. These pills can be used if you are deficient in Vitamin A as directed by your doctor. Keep up with the dosage for the best results.

This is just a supplement and may work well if you also have nutritious foods rich in vitamin A and other supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

Use may be interrupted by other medications you are taking. So be sure to inform your doctor about any medications you may be taking to get the best results for your chewing gum.

Manufacturer: Abbott

Unit Size: 25 X 10 tablets

Price and location:

1mg – Rs 6.27

PharmEasy – Rs 6.66

Performance – Rs 6.27

Vitawin Vitamin A Capsules 60’s

Vitamin A Vitamin A pills are good for adults, teens, or adults who want to get vitamin A. supplements. It is recommended that you complete the study to get the best results. These pills have no artificial sugar, preservatives, or flavor.

Vitamin: Vitamin is a certified Ayurveda product, pharma nutraceuticals, and dietary ingredients established in 2003. The product claims to be 100% traditional medicine, all-natural and tested lab.

Unit size: 60 capsule / bottle

Ingredients: Vitamin A

Price: R449.00

Where to Buy It: Amazon

Vitamin A 25000 IU Pills

Vitamin A 25000 IU Capsules Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for strong hair and skin. You need to consider bodybuilding to achieve these effects as it strengthens your hair and skin from the inside of your body, providing reliable and lasting results.

Unit size: 30 capsule / box

Ingredients: Vitamin A 25000 IU

Price: INR 225/30 tablets

Where to Buy It: Gleinmed

Aquasol A Capsule

Aquasol A Capsule Aquasol A Capsule can help you treat vitamin A deficiency. It is good for the eyes and skin. You can take the dose as prescribed by your doctor for the best benefit. Below are the ingredients and other details of the capsules.

Manufacturer: USV LTD

Unit size: a bottle of 30 capsules

Ingredients: Vitamin A (25000 IU)

Price and location:

1mg – Rs 21.6

PharmaEasy – Rs 22.95

HealthyHey Nutrition Natural Vitamin A 2400mcg Vegetable Capsule

healthy Nutrition Natural Vitamin A 2400mcg Vegetable Capsule Vitamin A supplement is derived from Beta Carotene. You will get a good look and a healthy immune system with Vitamin A in your body. In the event of malnutrition, feel free to get a supplement from Healthy Hey as it will help you quickly fix it. Adequate vitamin A in your body will also promote proper cell growth by acting as a high antioxidant protein. The supplement from HealthyHey is naturally made, (not synthetic) and is widely available bioavailable.

Essential Ingredients:

Vitamin K2 MK 7

Vegan D3

Price: R879

Where to Buy: 1mg

Amazon – Rs 799

iFeelFIT A Natural Vitamin A

The feel it Natural Vitamin A capsule provides the beauty of vitamin A to help your body fight nutrient deficiencies. Get pills for healthy eyes, better skin, and mucous membranes. As you may know, vitamin A repairs eye tissue, ready to eat when you need to improve your vision. Taking vitamin A can help you fight the effects of aging in your mind and can help you maintain it. It also acts as a vitamin that supports the immune system that reduces the risk of acne and improves the texture of your whole skin by improving your immune system.

Unit size: 120 tablets / bottle

Essential Ingredients: Natural provitamin A

Price: R640

Where to Buy: 1mg

Xovak Pharma Vitamin A 25000IU Veg Capsule

Novak Pharma Vitamin A Capsules do not eat vegetables and help with proper growth and function of the eyes, skin, and immune system. It should be taken when you experience symptoms due to a severe deficiency of vitamin A in the diet. Since Vitamin A is needed for the proper functioning of many parts of our body, deficiencies need to be addressed immediately.

Other benefits of Xovak Vitamin A pills include relieving symptoms of pre-menstrual depression and preventing (respiratory tract) infections. Also known as retinol.

Unit size: 60 tablets / bottle

Essential Ingredients:

Anacyclus pyrethrum


Pterocarpus marsupium


Price: R564

Where to Buy: 1mg

Healthvita Vitamin A Dry 10000 IU

This one from Healthvit is one of the fastest-selling vitamin pills. It provides antioxidant activity and improves your immune system. Other benefits include

Helps the skin (add light)

Better eye health, and more.

Unit size: 60 tablets. a bottle

Ingredients: VITAMIN A (AS ACETATE) 10000 IU

Price and location:

1mg – R427

World Health, Vitamin A Dry 10,000 I.U, Pills

Country Life Vitamin A 10 pills are tablets that dissolve in water. They are good for bones and immune health. These pills are guaranteed to be gluten-free, vegan, halal, and Kosher-Parve. Pills do not contain preservatives, GMOs, synthetic dyes and sweeteners. It helps with eye health as well.

Unit Size: 100 tablets / bottle

Ingredients: Vitamin A Dry 10000 IU, + (Cellulose, stearic acid, cellulose & glycerin coating, silica, magnesium stearate, vegetable glaze.)

Price and location:

Amazon.In – Rs 3796

Lucky Vitamin – ₹ 713.45