7 Foods and Drinks That Are Favored by People in Summer

7 Foods and Drinks That Are Favored by People in Summer

Summertime brings fond childhood memories of warm season vacations, lazing around with the awesome novels, yummy mangoes and ice creams. With the temperatures already soar, looks like we will be having one hot and longer summer. Luckily there are some good summer foods and beverages that do help in keeping you cool. Here are few of the foods and drinks to include this summer:

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Water: Dehydration is a common issue during summers and this might be one of the reasoning why you feel drained and tired out for no apparent reasoning during summers. Keeping the body hydrated throughout the day with at least 2 litres (12-10 glasses) of water.

Other beverages and fluids: like fresh lime juice (with a pinch of salt), tender coconut water, cold or clear soups, fresh fruit juices, sugarcane juice, thandais and aam pannas do all support in  keeping the body hydrated through the summer. Just make certain not to go overboard with the juices and other sugary drinks as they do add to calorie count.

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Fruits: with the stage set for the King of fruits to make its debut into our sweet houses, let’s not avoid the other fruits that are accessible through summer. Watermelons, grapes, muskmelons, palm fruit (called tale tateningu or hannu in Kannada) are all brilliant summer fruits that are loaded with water. Try eating them rather than making milkshakes/ juices as they are also a great source of fiber.

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Salads: the water content in salad vegetables making them more appealing during summer season. So go ahead and bringing out the tomatoes, cucumbers, the kosambaris and radishes with each meal.

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Fermented rice: this utilized to be a manner to preserve leftover rice for next day before Freeze came into our lifecycle. Known as Pazhaya Saadam in Tamil, Panta bhath in Bengali, Saddi Annamu in Telugu and Pazhan kanji in Malayalam, it is faith to support beat the heat. Made by soaking cooked rice in water overnight and eaten the next day after mix it with buttermilk/curd, chillis, onions and few salt. This fermented rice is supposed to be extremely nutritious and a richer source of vitamins B6 and  B12.

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Curd and buttermilk: known in India since ancient times as the natural body coolant are not only perfect for introducing supportful bacteria (lactobacillus) into the gut but can also support in enhance the immune structure. Besides this, they also assist in providing the much required calcium which can be lost through the sweat.

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Ragi: again known to be the coolant is faith to be awesome to beat the heat.

People have their own manner of staying chilled and relaxed in this season. Though it’s no more a secret for the travellers who paid their visit here, however, if you are still uncertain, we will introduce you to the top special summer Indian beverages that support tackling the scorching heat.

Nimbu Pani Recipe, How to make Nimbu Pani, Shikanji

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Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani is a traditional and the most usual drink that is pretty famous in India. It is also denoted Shikanje in Pakistan and North India, Nimbu pani/ Shikanje or Lemonade is prepared with Lemon Juice along with variations of ginger juice, water and ice along with other ingredients like salt, cumin and saffron. Mint leaves could also be added depend on your taste.

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Aam Panna

Aam Panna is well known for the heating resistant properties. Made from green mangoes, it is treated as a healthy drink and flavoursome to kill the intense warm heat. This delectable beverage appears light green in colour and is preparing utilizing sugar, raw mangoes and an assortment of spices. Though it is mainly consumed in Northern India; it is very gain in the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders and acts as the remedy for blood disorders with its higher vitamin C content.

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Chaach in Rajasthan is an good natural thirst quencher; it’s the finest, tastiest, and smoothest drink to sip in this Indian region. Since it consists of curd, you do enjoy it with the meal to aid your healthy digestive structure. This can be found in various authentic food courts and Indian restaurants.

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This famous spirit produced exclusively in Goa could be classified as ‘Country Liquor’. Due to the alcohol content that it holds, Feni is not permitted to be sold outside the state. There are two different kind of Feni available- coconut Feni and cashew Feni. Comparison to the Feni producing in South Goa’s, North Goa Feni usually has high alcohol content (43-45 percent.)



A popular Holi drink which is the cold Indian beverage preparing with a mixture of almonds, pepper, rose petals, cardamom, vetiver seeds, magaztari seeds (watermelon kernel), fennel seeds, saffron, milk and sugar. It’s a native drink of India and is always connected with festivals of Shivaratri and Holi.