Trainers want you to stop believing these 10 fitness and weight loss lies.

Trainers want you to stop believing these 10 fitness and weight loss lies

Myth: Strength training causes women to appear bulky.

“This is the most ridiculous fitness myth out there,” adds Rosante, who simply doesn’t understand why women who want to get “in shape” are so terrified of lifting weights, which is a certain way to grow the muscles that give your body shape. Many women are concerned that lifting weights, especially huge weights, may make them seem like the Hulk. But the fear is unwarranted because it takes a lot more than a couple of 10-pound dumbbell curls to start looking like a bodybuilder. Seriously, bodybuilders devote their entire life to bulking up. Every day, they spend hours upon hours pulling the heaviest weights they can get off the ground while adhering to a squeaky-clean, uber-high-protein diet that is often calculated to the ounce.

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Myth: Eating fat causes weight gain.

While fat is frequently demonized, there is no evidence that the fat you consume is directed toward your buttocks, thighs, or stomach. This is because your body only converts calories into body fat when you consume more than it can burn – and this applies to calories from any nutrient, including protein and carbohydrates. However, science says that the equation is considerably more intricate and that different diets can have diverse effects on the body. Dietary fat, for example, is extremely gratifying and regulates your blood sugar and hunger — plus it takes more time and effort to digest. So a diet high in healthy fats from foods like fish, vegetable oils, and avocado may help you crave fewer calories while burning more of them at rest. Of all, that’s only one of the reasons you should pay attention to these indicators that you’re not eating enough fat.

Myth: Processed carbohydrates consumed at night lead to fat.

“Once again, total calorie consumption is more important,” Rosante explains. In other words, if you consume more calories than your body can burn via normal functioning and activity, a late-night protein smoothie can do just as much damage as a sleeve of cookies.

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Myth: The greatest day to start a new regimen is Monday.

Monday may appear to be an easy day for a fresh start, especially if your weekends are filled with booze-filled days and pizza nights. However, the whole “wait till Monday” approach will simply hinder you from achieving your goals as soon as possible – and isn’t that the goal? “I’m a huge believer in taking action right away.”

Myth: Abs exercises result in a six-pack.

“You can perform sit-ups for days,” Rosante says, “but if you have a large proportion of body fat, your abs will stay hidden.” Your abs will only “pop” once you lose the belly fat that conceals them. High-intensity interval training can assist, but not nearly as much as making dietary modifications, such as eliminating sugar- and artificially-sweetened drinks, to begin.

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Myth: The sorer you are after working out, the better your workout.

While pain can be a sign that you K-I-L-L-E-D it at the gym (and can be enjoyable for certain individuals), you can get a great workout without feeling sore the next day. “Everybody is unique, and some are more so than others.”

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Myth: Protein drinks are only effective within 30 minutes of doing exercise.

While eating protein after exercise can help your body repair muscle damage caused by activity, research suggests that the window for taking protein can last up to a few hours after you stop sweating — especially if you ate before exercising. Even if you go to the gym on an empty stomach, it’s pointless if you can’t find a high-protein snack within 30 minutes. Even if you consume it later in the day, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, a protein bar, or Greek yogurt will still benefit your body more than junk food.

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Myth: Your workouts can target specific areas of fat.

While it is feasible to target a specific muscle by conducting an exercise that activates it, it is physiologically impossible to target fat cells with exercise.

Myth: Fat may be converted into muscle.

Nope, fat and muscle are two completely distinct things. Muscles are tissues that travel from the joint to joint, whereas fat is dispersed throughout the entire body, according to Rosante. You can’t change one into the other, and hence you can’t get rid of fat cells. To firm up all over, your best hope is to minimize the number of fat cells (which occurs when you lose weight) and build muscle through strength exercises.

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Myth: Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight.

Unfortunately for gym rats who adore food, research shows that diets are a more successful weight loss method than exercise, with the old diet-and-exercise combo FTW. Real talk: You can’t possibly burn enough calories through exercise to compensate for a poor diet, and it’s always easier to eat a bit less than burn a little more.