The Top 10 Medical Schools in the World

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The world of medicine is always captivating! Start with studying the anatomy of humans, diagnose ailments, treating them, and applying the knowledge of society’s good – pursue a degree in medicine encompasses everything that completes a professional cycle.

So, why will a human miss out on studying medicine and being a star medico with the degree from an institute with the global reputation?

Here is the list of best medical colleges in the world for you to begin with!

Added to this, let us have a quicker look at what this blog holds for you.

Medicinal degrees and specializations in various countries

Canada and USA

In India, you will study MBBS as an undergrad, but in these two nations, you have to do pre-med study before doing your undergrad. In general, the duration of an MBBS degree range between 3-6 years. Overall it would take ten years, included medical training.

Top best medical colleges in the globe 2023

Harvard University, Massachusetts, United States

Established in 1782, the Harvard medical school holding the champion’s position in the QS globe rankings for 2021. Their medical health programme aims on alleviating human suffer by nurture the students to become medical leaders in biomedical and clinical facets. Their vision and mission of setting up an inclusive environment while work towards humankind’s providing and needs quality education. This factor made them top list as one of the good medical schools in the nation!

Average tuition fee: $65,203

University of Oxford, Oxford, England

The medicine school at the University of Oxford offers a well-rounded academic training program with in-depth research that underpins medicine. You do pursue a three-year pre-clinical stage followed by other three years of clinical studies. Here, the students do working research laboratories spread across a medical science division to assist and upskill their education.

Average tuition fee: $49,991

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Stanford University, California, United States

Stanford Medicine is next in the list to be addressing as one of the awesome medical colleges in the globe. One of the pioneers in medicine, the school serve an innovative and integrated research study program. It empowers the future leaders of the medical globe to be resourceful and skilful. The school is affiliated with Stanford children’s health and Stanford healthcare. These two institutions holding a reputation for being a star in the zone of child care, neuro and pregnancy and cardiology care.

Average tuition fee: $55,011

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The medical college of the University of Cambridge offers two medical courses- one is a graduate course, and the other is a standard course. The curriculum drafted here serves a podium for medical enthusiasts to grasp from evidence-based rigorous practice and training. The students do pursue research and projecting work throughout the course.

Average tuition fee: $82,984

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University majorly faith in bringing an integrated approach to teach and learn! The medical school at this university is one of the top most medical colleges in the globe. The school serves a wide range of doctorate and MD programmes to select from with the flexible curriculum and broadened exposure to the concepts.

Average tuition fee: $58,000

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University of California

The David Geffen school of medicine is the youngest of these top best medical schools in the globe. It is the emerging pioneer in the field of biomedical sciences and medicine. The school faith in offering education through community partnerships and serves programmes in MD, postdoctoral, residency and graduate studies.

Average tuition fee: $50,130

Yale University

The Yale school of medicine is the forerunner in mould physician-scientists and is one of the good MBBS colleges in the nation. They primarily aim on refining advancing medicine and health innovation projects through scientific discovery. This school of medicine is household home to nearly 11,000 faculty members. Their ceaseless, compassion, and commitment energy are the motivating factors for the students to study the medicine there.

Average tuition fee: $64,024


UCL has been giving doctors to society since 1834 in London and it close way working with seven major teaching hospitals that offer world-class medical education. The school has offered numerous academically high-profile graduates as leaders to the medicine world. UCL is signify for its academic reputation backed by highly trained faculties and well-supported students.

Average tuition fee: $50,149

Imperial College

Another top-ranked medical school hold the Athena SWAN award for recognise the service and work of women in the medical field. The medical school of Imperial College was began in 1997 and has now invested in closely connections with their healthcaring partners. It has multidisciplinary collaborations with faculties in fields such as natural sciences and engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Although the university do not have an individual medical school, it conducting two integrated programs with the Harvard medical school. Those are a joint a degree in health sciences and MD-PhD program. This collaboration has paved the pathway for the universities working closeway with the Boston zone hospitals.