The Ayurvedic Way to Clear Skin on the Body and Face

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Pollution, lifestyle habits, chemical products, poor dietary choices, there are countless reasoning why our skin is getting lifeless and dull by the day. You might think that a trip to parlour might fix the face and body, but you also understand that these temporary quick fixes are not supporting your skin as a whole, the health of which is worsen by the day. While you are busy look out for best moisturisers, creams, and lotions on the net to heal your damaging skin, how about turn your eyes into the kitchen. As per to Ayurveda, most of our skin issues can be cured with the support of herbs and natural ingredients. All you’ve got to do is mixing them with some other healing spices as they are lacking of harmful chemicals.


The cooling chandan is a important chunk of summer skin care rituals suggested by Ayurveda. Applying chandan on your skin helping soothe it, and even helps lightens blemishes and manage acne. Take one teaspoon of turmeric and one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and few droplets of rose water, mixing them well. Applied this quick face mask to your face twice or once a week.


It is becoming a global content and honestly we are not even amazed. As Indians, we have utilized haldi in our curries to relieve pain and heal our injuries. Turmeric has also been an intrinsic chunk of our beauty and skin rituals since time ageold. Turmeric’s active compound curcumin supports rejuvenate the skin from kills dead cells and within. Turmeric also acts as a simple exfoliator. Applied a face mask made of yogurt and turmeric twice a week and see the outcome yourself.


Amla is one Ayurvedic superfood you must be involving in your diet today. The bitter fruit might not be too pleasing for your palate but it is be filled up with vitamin C and other vital antioxidants that do support prevent freed radical activity. Free radical activity is in charge for wrinkles, premature ageing, and dull skin.


The nutrient-dense and cooling curd can do surprises for your skin health. Whether you apply it topically and involve it in your diet, a bowlful of curd do bring up in a whole tons of change in your lifeless and dull skin. It is naturally filled with moisturising result, which supports heal the skin natural way. Acne is often said to stem from gastro-intestinal issues; eating curd supports keep your tummy and gut happy. Curd is often apply on face; its rich lactic acid pacify can act as an clear and exfoliator dead cells.

Iron-Rich Foods

In addition to vitamin C, make certain you involve numerous natural sources of iron too. Ayurveda always talking about eat up the seasonal foods. So in winter season supplementing your diet with a lot of beetroot and carrots. In summers you do loading up on pomegranate juice. Iron acts as a natural blood-purifier that supports inducing natural glow.


Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, making it perfect for acne-prone skin. It’s also a humectant, not greasy but which keeps skin hydrated. By tightening the skin and eliminating blackheads from your pores, this wonderful ingredient supports to smoothen it and make it unbelievable velvety.

Simply apply up raw honey to the face and leave it on for few time before wash it off. Your skin will be silky smooth and hydrated after using this. You do also forming a face mask by blending one tablespoon honey, one teaspoon lemon juice, and one teaspoon baking soda in a dish. Applied it to your face and neck and rinsing it off with hot water after 30 minutes.

Lime Juice and Sugar

sugar and Lemon is a remarkable combo for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. It’s a natural bleaching agent that is high in vitamin C and leaves your skin gleaming, making it one of the good natural remedies for bright and smooth skin. 

Blend two of tablespoons lime juice and two tablespoons of sugar in a bowl. To scrub your skin, applied the mixture evenly to your face in circular manner. Then wash your face with warming water. Implementing this remedy in the skincare regimen twice a week for the good effects.

Aloe Vera, Tumeric and Besan

When it comes to haircare and skincare, Aloe vera act as a rescuer, it might actually be utilized as a natural cure for any illness you might be experiencing. 

There’s nothing aloe vera can’t do, from keeping your skin nourished, anti-bacterial characteristics and to provide a cooling effect. 

Turmeric’s antioxidant qualities and anti-inflammatory support to protect your skin from free radicals by eleminating them. It also maintains your skin fresh and luminous while also boost collagen production. With the aid of Gram flour, you do maintain your skin clean and bright.

In a glass utensil, blend two tablespoons aloe vera, one tablespoon besan (gram flour), and one tablespoon turmeric to generate a thick paste. Applying the concoction to your skin and leaving it on for 15-20 minutes before wash it off.