Sparkle and Shine: Embracing Your Inner Light

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If you have felt spiritually gray and weak lately, there are steps you are taking to awaken the soul and bring it back to life, regardless of which spiritual religion and path you follow. To heal the soul, you’ll require to engage with your intuition, connection, passion, and creativity with the Divine. Keep reading to grasp more. Soon, you’ll feel in tune with the Divine again—and more significantly, you will feel in tune with yourself.

Make time for your passions.

Embracing your heart’s passions will reinvigorating the soul. Many of us have a grasp on replacing our passions with obligations and duties. If you have neglected the passions in favor of your sense of duty, you might be starving the soul. Making time each day to do something you are passionate about or that brings you genuine pleasure.

• If you don’t understand what your passions are, now is the time to begin exploring the possibilities. The best way to figure out what brings you joy is by being curious. So, what are you curious about? What brings you delight? Pursuing that fearlessly, whether it’s soccer or writing or painting.

Turn inward and explore relaxation meditation.

Meditating would support you to cultivate intuition—the language of a soul. Meditation is an effective manner to silent your mind and permit the soul to speak. Cultivating a usual meditation practice by setting aside time—whether it’s in the evening or afternoon or morning—to intentionally silence your thoughts and aim on your breath. Just a few times of meditation each day has been proven to increase a human’s happiness and invigorate the soul.

• There’s no righteous pathway to meditate—all you want to do is silent the mind and be one with the moment.

• The numerous breathing technique is a format of meditation that’s simple for beginners: plain way taking a deep breath in through your nose for a few seconds, holding it for a few seconds, and breathing out through the mouth for some seconds, staying aimed on your breath the full time.

Dive deep into the emotions.

Your emotions connected you to the soul. Journal about any feelings that have been bottled up inside you. What lies beneath your emotions is your intuition, imagination, creativity, and passions. It could be painful to feel and accept uncomfortable emotions like disappointment, fear, anger, and hurt. But when you do, you’ll develop a more harmonious space for the soul to dwell.

• You must not have to carry around heavy, false emotions day in and day out. Giving yourself permission to release them, as you deserve to feel at ease.

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Practicing kindness.

One of the most cool ways to heal the soul is to try to heal others. Asking yourself every sun shine; “What can I do today to support someone?” “How do I serve?” “Who could I call to lift the spirits?” When you give out of service and unconditional love, you feed the soul. Being loving, kind, and supportive of others is its own gift.

• Be certain to take steps to attend to the soul as well: serve others do support mend your soul, but don’t apply service as a distraction from your own healing.

Get plenty of sleep.

Quality rest might energize the soul. If you feel soul-weary and depleted, the answer (or chunk of the answer) might lie in the great night’s sleep. Not only would giving the body the rest it wants support you feel calmer, more at peace and happier, but you might be able to process tough emotions in the dreams, which do leave your soul feeling lighter.

• Giving permission to move slow and take the time this week as the soul recuperates; it’s worth it.

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Seek counseling.

Sometimes we just can’t do it on our own. And that’s the pathway it’s signified to be: none of us was meant to live in solitude, and we all wanted support sometimes. If you could not heal the soul on your own, it may be worth speaking to a therapist or a turn to the spiritual advisor for advice. They might be able to offer you wisdom and comforting that would lift the soul again.

• Believe that you deserve to heal and to feel at peace again. Seeking support is the good thing you could do for yourself and the soul.

Deepen the connection with Divine.

Investing in your spiritual beliefs. Physical pain hurts deeply, but spiritual pain is often worse, because there’s no doctor to “fix” the spiritual structure. If your soul feels weary and weak, drawing close to whatever Divine being you faith in. Spending time reigniting spirituality by engaging in traditions that draw you closer to whatever and whoever entity and energy you call Divine.