How to Get a Medical Degree: A Guide for Aspiring Physicians

How to Get a Medical Degree: A Guide for Aspiring Physicians

If you’ve ever dreamed of assisting people stay happy and healthy, then become a doctor is an rewarding and amazing career choice. There are so many stuff you can do to put yourself on the righteous path even if you’re still in the high school. While it does taking a longer time to get through all of your training, you’ll be able to practice medicine right when you finish it up. We understand that you probably have certain questions about the complete process, so keep reading to find out more!

A career as a doctor can be regarded as a satisfying and rewarding experience for the medical graduates. The journey to begin practicing medicine starts at understanding how to become a doctor. If you are keen interested in becoming a doctor, it can be supportful to grasp about what you can literally do to prepare. In this blog, we discuss what a doctor is and discover steps for how to become a doctor. A doctor is the qualified medical professional who is licensed to treat patients for different health conditions. 

Complete your senior secondary education

To receive a quality medical education and becoming a doctor, you should graduate from secondary school with required marks in all the subjects. In your secondary education level, you do select the core science subjects of biology, physics, and chemistry, as they are really mandatory for admission into MBBS. Knowledge of these core subjects is necessary to qualify for a medical entrance examinations like NEET, JPIMER or AIIMS. In-depth knowledge of these subjects do support you secure the desired rank in a entrance examination and gaining admission in a medical school of your preference.

Appear for an MBBS entrance exam

After you complete your 12th-grade examinations, you do appear for a required entrance exam securing admission to the medical college. In India, the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) is the most famous entrance exam, and most medical colleges accepted its scores for admissions purposes. JPIMER, AIIMS, Kasturba Medical College, Maulana Azad Medical College and certain other colleges conducting their own entrance examinations. Your admission to a medical college can be finalised after you payed the specified fees and submitting the required documents.

Complete your MBBS

After your time in 12th grade is over, you do apply for MBBS, the first degree in a medical sciences that a person require to become a doctor. While many candidates do so direct way after graduation, you are eligible to apply for a MBBS until you are only 25 years old. It is advisable to enrol in the medical school within two years to complete your class 12th board exams. The minimum age to be eligible for the admission to the MBBS course is 17 years. The minimum time line to become a doctor after completing class 12 is five years and six months.

After you complete the MBBS degree, you will be eligible to practice as the doctor. You also have the alternative of pursuing a specialisation after the MBBS to further hone your skills and developing your techniques before exploring a job in the field.

Complete an internship

While earning an MBBS degree, candidates are usually needed completing a mandatory internship that taking place over one year. During the internship, you do work under a supervision of senior doctors and working with patients who require various types of treatments. In order to be eligible for a MBBS degree, you do demonstrate a satisfactory structure of knowledge and skills during a mandatory internship. Some medical colleges have their own hospital wings where you do completing the internship, while others might need you to complete the internship at a specific hospital.

Register with a Indian Medical Register

In order to practice as a doctor in the country, you want to register with any of the state medical council in the country. Doctors who are registering with any state medical council are normally eligible to be registered under Indian Medical Register. In order to attain eligibility, you do complete your MBBS degree and an internship from the institute recognize by Medical Council of India. After registering under Indian Medical Register, you can begin your career and start practicing medicine in India.

Practice as a doctor

Once you complete the master’s degree, you can usually opting for the second masters or even a PhD if you keen wish to gain more knowledge in a medical profession. Many doctors choose to start practising after their MBBS and a master’s degree in the medical science. When it comes to practice, there are two typical alternatives. The first one includes practising as an employee doctor in a specific healthcare institution, like a multi-speciality hospital. The second alternative is to practice independent way in a clinic of your own or under a tutelage of the senior doctor.