Caring for Your Skin During the Hot Summer Months

Caring for Your Skin During the Hot Summer Months

It’s that time of year again, when lemonade takes the place of midday tea when loose cotton clothing is the sole option for covering your body. In India, summer is not the ideal season because it is hotter, more humid, and causes you to perspire a lot. You experience constant fatigue and exhaustion from it, especially if you don’t drink enough water. But that’s not the only drawback of summer: breakouts, uneven skin tone, sun spots, and tans are all frequent skin issues during this season. Yet adhering to a summer skin care regimen might lessen these issues and preserve the glow. 

Scrub your body

Exfoliation of the skin is a fundamental aspect of basic skincare. Every minute of every day, your body sheds skin cells at an astounding rate. They’ll only settle on your skin, making you look dry and drab if you don’t get rid of them. You will never have beautiful skin if you don’t exfoliate, no matter how much lotion you use. Pick up a body scrub, then get in the shower. From your shoulders down, gently rub your exfoliator in circular motions on your entire body. For your face and neck, use a facial exfoliator. Rinse well. Maintain this 2-3 times per week for gorgeous skin all year long.

Sunscreen is essential. 

Replace the old bottle of sunscreen that was not used last year. As most individuals don’t apply them as often as they should, sunscreens don’t last indefinitely. Purchase a new sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection that is available in SPF 30 and SPF 70. For your body, use a shot glass full, and for your face, use a whole teaspoon. To ensure a summer full of risk-free sun enjoyment, reapply it every one to two hours while you are in the sun.

Choose minimal makeup.

It’s best to wear less makeup in the summer. The best appearance is natural under the harsh sun. Use face powder with SPF if you plan to wear makeup to prevent uneven skin. Always apply a gloss or lip balm with an SPF of 15 to make your lips look more youthful and protect them. In the summer, eye makeup is something that should be strongly avoided.

Make water your close companion.

You need at least 8 glasses of water. Carry a bottle of water if you can, and be sure to sip from it at least once every 30 minutes. Water not only keeps you hydrated and makes you feel better, but it also helps you get rid of a lot of toxins.

Apply lotion to your body to hydrate it.

Look for a refreshing lotion that you won’t forget to use. Put aside your heavy winter body butter and replace them with lighter summer lotions. Look for a light, quickly absorbing lotion because you don’t have time to wait for it to absorb. Purees and gels work well as quick absorbers. Nothing more embodies summer than a light, fruity lotion. Make sure to apply it as soon as you are dry from the shower. The fluid your body just absorbed needs to be sealed in.

Summer’s radiance

When it comes to giving your skin a little summer glow, you have a lot of options, but a tanning bed shouldn’t be one of them. Your skin will look gorgeous when summer begins if you use a sunless tanning product. You can use sunless tanners on your face even if you don’t like them for the rest of your body. You can get a healthy glow and the appearance that you just spent the weekend at the beach if you switch your face moisturizer with one that adds a little color. You’ll never get too dark because most face tanners build color gradually by alternating with your regular moisturizer.

Take care of your feet.

Ladies, it’s sandal season; the winter boots are long gone. Go get a pedicure (if the expense is an issue, consider a beauty school), or perform a self-pedicure at home. You remove the dry, dead skin with a scrub to reveal your sandal-ready feet. Nothing is sadder than seeing lovely sandals on dull, dry feet. That doesn’t need to be a major hassle. Scrub your feet a few times per week with a foot scrub and file that you keep in the shower. Your feet’s softness will be significantly different.

Choose a summery nail polish.

Get yourself some daring new toenail paint. Even brighter colors than you would typically use on your fingernails can be painted on toenails. Choose an item that shouts summer. Because you don’t treat your toenails as roughly as you do your fingernails, polish tends to last considerably longer on your feet than on your hands. After two coats of color and a clear top coat to protect, apply a clear base coat. To ensure that your polish won’t dent, go barefoot or put on your flip-flops for at least a couple of hours.