Best face masks


Best face masks

Cover up – it’s the initial step to battle the Covid-19 infection. From researchers, scientists to medical care specialists, all prompt wearing a face cover in case you’re out and around individuals, and it’s a generally known reality now. What’s as yet not known to many is if their cover is adequately powerful to fill the need.

Which mask should you buy?

We’ve compiled a list of masks available online. These masks are the best options, but you’ll have to check for the size options as we can only assure of the quality and effectiveness.

How to select a mask that protects you from Covid-19?

Starting with the basics, you must go for a mask that covers your nose and mouth completely and fits snugly against your face leaving no gaps on the sides.

Choose a mask that has a nose wire to cover the top and sides of the nose properly. Also, don’t buy masks made of hard-to-breather material like vinyl, go for a mask with two or more layers of breathable and washable fabric. Don’t get the ones that have valves or vents to allow air passage.

Here are some of the best face masks to buy in India right now-

Pangolin Luftmaske

This Pangolin Luftmaske brings is one of the most unique masks available on the market. It has a hemp-based filter that has moisture-wicking and insulation properties to keep sweat and humidity at bay. Hemp also exhibits antimicrobial properties, is resistant to mould, and blocks out UV light. The filter material is said to block pollutants ranging from bacteria to allergens. It is claimed to be reused for 175 days and can be washed up to 25 times. It also comes with ear grips, neck strap and travel pouch to offer customizability over comfort and a decent fit.

Wildcraft Face Mask

This is one of the most popular yet value for money masks on the list. It is designed to fit most users with an adjustable nose clip, soft elastic earloops, that is said to ensure comfort and minimal eyewear fogging. It can be washed and reused and is also claimed to offer PM 2.5 protection with easy breathability and talk through. It comes in a set of three masks.

OCEAN RACE Cotton Anti Pollution 3 Layer Reusable Face Mask

This mask is great for those who are extra concerned about comfort. It is made of a reusable soft, machine washable fabric that feels smooth on the skin. Earloops are made high-quality of knit fabric and are flexible to give you a good fit without compromising on comfort. One size fits most and the masks are big enough to cover the mouth and nose without leaving gaps.

Vandelay N95 Masks

This is the most commonly used N95 mask that is designed to ensure the right fit covering the nose and mouth entirely. These masks are disposable and can’t be reused, but the N95 property makes them very safe if you are visiting outdoors. It has five layers to ensure it’s skin-friendly and safe at the same time. The elastic ear straps are said to be comfortable and convenient for most men and women, even with glasses. The nose clip in the front offers a custom fit for your face to ensure the mask doesn’t slip off.

Livinguard PRO Mask

The Livinguard Pro mask comes with three layers of protection with more than 95% of filtration as per EN14683 standard. The company claims that the masks have passed skin safety testing to be gentle on the skin for prolonged usage. The fabric is stretchable, which fits over the nose and mouth very well without affecting breathability. The mask is reusable for up to 6 months and washable up to 30 times and is made for daily use and can be washed weekly. It has adjustable earloops for a custom fit.

Jockey Unisex’s Cotton Face Mask

Jockey is a known name for most of us, but a few know that they now make face masks as well. The cotton face mask from the company comes in a pack of two. It is said to be “engineered with 7 Layered Hepta Filtration System for your protection.” The company claims it can offer more than 95% bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency. The fabric is cotton, which has soft and adjustable elastic earloops and a nose clip for a comfortable fit. Cotton allows easy breathability and it’s washable up to 30 times as per company claims.