Addressing Digestive Issues with Homeopathic Remedies

Addressing Digestive Issues with Homeopathic Remedies

This is a natural approach to fix your gut, heal your digestion and recover from a lifetime of eating all the false stuff. This is geared towards humans with constant stomach cramps, indigestion, diarrhea, pain, and digestion discomfort.

Eliminating Digestive Problems

Narrow down your problems. The good place to begin is by analyzing your diet, what meal are you eating that could contributing to this discomfort? There are many numerous meals that can contributing to these emotions of unease in the gut. First, do certain quick research on how the gut working; learning the procedure that your gut goes through whenever you putting something into the body. This will serve you an understanding on what exactly you try to fix.

Eliminate Meals on a trial basis. Eliminate difficult to digest foods from the diet. This doesn’t necessarily have to last forever but it is a great idea to do it for at least 3-5 days to serve your digestion an option to relax a tiny bit.

These foods do vary from human to human so it’s not a simple procedure to figure this out, but there are certain surefire meals that want to go and these include: wheat, dairy, and gluten, all processed foods, refined sugar, coffee, and smoking (anything). After the deleteion of these from your diet you must felt instantaneous results.

Taking tiny meals, at least five meals a day. Breaking your totally calorie intake into five (or more) equal portions. Do not drink H2O right after the food and taking a walk. Try out to stay active and ignore lye down right after a food.

Examining coping and stress mechanisms. Stress levels playing a straight role in your digestion. Are you stressing out all the time? This do cause an issue. As much as you may not faith what it, you should consider doing activities that lessen your stress in a healthy manner: meditation, yoga, biking, walking the dog, being outside, and so on.

Lots of people smoking fag to relieve stress, which is pretty much unhealthy unfortunately caused more harm then good.

The most famous unhealthier stress-reducer is eating, especially rough meal and junk meal. No diet will ever working for you if your body is in a stress constant state. Stress attacks your digestive structure through the complex breakdown of different hormones.

Primary Remedies

Carbo vegetabilis

This remedy make less severe gas and bloating in the stomach, with belching.


This remedy make less severe indigestion and discomfort, with bloating around the gas and waist, especially after eating garlic and onions.

Natrum carbonicum

This remedy can be supportful to mild humans who assimilating many foods and have trouble digesting and have to stayed on restricted diets. Ulcers, Indigestion, and heartburn do happen if offending foods are eating up. Dairy or Milk products do lead to sputtery or flatulence diarrhea that leaves an empty emotion in the stomach. Cravings for sweets and potatoes are common; also milk, but it makes these humans sick, so they have usually grasp to ignore it.

Nux vomica

This homeopathic treatment make less severe nausea and cramps from indigestion after eating of spicy foods and excessive drinking of alcohol.

Other Remedies

Antimonium crudum

This make less severe indigestion from eaten up too much, especially acidic or rich foods or cured meat. Symptoms make less severe by applying heat to a abdomen.

Arsenicum album

This remedy might be indicated if a human feels exhausted, anxious, yet restless, and is worse from the sight and smell of meal. Burning pain is felt in the esophagus and stomach, which often is relieved by sitting up and warmth. diarrhea and Vomiting are possible. Upsets from eaten too much  spoiled food to this remedy.


When this treatment is indicated, the stomach felt heavy, with the rising acid and a sour or bitter taste. nausea and Pain are pretty bad from motion of any type. The person might have a dry mouth and be thirsty for longer drinks, which might increase discomfort. Bryonia is strongly recommended if a human is grumpy and need to stay full way still and not be talked or touched to.

Cinchona officinalis

This remedy make less severe of foul-smelling gas and bloating of the abdomen, sometimes with exhausting, but painless, diarrhea.


This make less severe abdominal cramps refined by bending over, with heat and strong pressure.

Magnesia phosphorica

This remedy make less severe abdominal cramps refined by bending over and heat.


Burnful suffering in stomach that felt better from eating ice cream and cold foods propose a requirement for this treatment. The human is thirsty for cool drinks, but might feeling vomits or nauseous once liquids warming up in stomach. Humans require Phosphorus might have a tendency toward sometimes developing stomach ulcers and easier bleeding.