21 Best Non-Shedding Hypoallergenic Dogs

21 Best Non-Shedding Hypoallergenic Dogs

The Bichon Frise

Bichons, which have been bred to be hypoallergenic, is one of the American Kennel Club’s best choices for allergy patients. Their name translates to “fluffy white dog,” and it’s an apt description for the cuddly tiny cotton balls. Their modest size also makes them great for cozy living spaces.

22 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs and Breeds That Don't Shed Fur

Schnauzer miniature

These smart watchdogs, the most popular Schnauzer breed on the market, are like a pocket choice for Schnauzer aficionados. They feature the same solemn expression as their larger counterparts, but in a more compact size. These fearless pals shed very little and enjoy a lot of playing, so prepare for a lot of fetches.

22 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs and Breeds That Don't Shed Fur


In contrast to the more adaptable schnauzers, all poodles are hypoallergenic. This contains the bigger regular, toy, and miniature sizes, allowing you to customize your dog’s adventure. , a lot of them. a lot of them. The traditional “poodle clip” protects the water-loving dogs’ joints and essential organs while swimming, in addition to appearing cute.

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkshire Terrier)

Yorkies are small enough to fit in handbags and laps, but they pack a lot of attitudes. Their fine hair is more similar to human hair than other types of fur, therefore it won’t make you sneeze. Beware, groom-averse: Yorkies’ hair needs to be brushed and maintained regularly to stay tangle-free and silky soft.

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The Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are powerful “lion dogs” that date back to the Tang Dynasty. With their majestic (yet low-shedding!) appearances and charming, pleasant personalities, the breed once won over royalty. , and they also need a fair amount of maintenance. Learn about a decent groomer and begin training your puppy early.


With an average weight of seven pounds, the ancient Greek breed essentially defines the term “lap dog.” Because their all-white coats are unlikely to cause allergies, even marathon cuddling sessions won’t leave you sneezing. Depending on how much maintenance you can bear, you can opt to cut their soft fur into a sporty trim or let it grow long.

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Portuguese Water Dog 

Here’s why you might recognize these medium-sized furballs. Sunny and Bo Obama, the “First Dogs,” helped put the curly-haired Portuguese water dogs in the spotlight. Don’t worry, their laid-back and playful nature make them excellent additions to any household. They also adapt nicely to apartment living for those who live in tiny spaces, but will still require regular walks to stay active.

The Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a distinct breed with a feathery tail and feet. For people who are allergic to pet hair, these hairless dogs make excellent housemates and will not give you the sniffles because their only hair is on their feet, tail, and head. They may have a face that only a mother could love, but you’ll fall head over heels for yours.



The Xoloitzcuintli, often known as the Aztec dog, is a faithful and alert watchdog. These canines are available in two varieties: hairless and coated. If you choose the attractive hairless version, invest in a decent dog sunscreen to protect their delicate skin.

Schnauzer Giant

We’ve already fallen in love with the big Schnauzers’ trademark shaggy eyebrows, but don’t worry, all that hair won’t make you sneeze. They do require some brushing, so invest in a nice dog brush. They are the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds, growing to 75 pounds and possessing a clever, task-focused temperament that lends itself well to training.

West Highland White Terrier

Westies, like other terriers, have a curious and energetic personalities, with the added benefit of low shedding. These tough dogs have a joyful disposition that will make you laugh with their amusing behaviors. They are among the most popular terriers due to their small stature and amiable demeanor.

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Havanese dogs are happy and curious, with silky, long coats in a range of colors. If you allow their low-shedding coats to grow long and carry them around like the kings and queens they believe they are, they can appear downright royal. For easy upkeep, many owners prefer to cut their hair short.

Afghan Hound

These gentle hounds don’t shed much, but their longer coats do necessitate regular maintenance. Because they were raised in the highlands of Afghanistan, they have long, lustrous hair that can tangle if not properly maintained. Make grooming time a part of your bonding ritual, and you’ll learn what the phrase “man’s best friend” truly means.


Basenjis evolved as African hunting dogs, however, unlike many hounds, they do not howl and yap. They have short, delicate hair that sheds very little, so you won’t even notice they reside with you. Basenjis, like cats, have a cat-like temperament and will even groom themselves.

The Cairn Terrier

Many coarse-haired terriers sweat less than other breeds, making them an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers. Cairn terriers are popular among owners due to their fearless nature – you may recognize the breed as Toto in The Wizard of Oz!

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Terrier of Bedlington

Bedlington terriers have characteristic poofs of fur on the tops of their heads, giving the breed a lamb-like appearance. These friendly, loving terriers make excellent watchdogs and companions. Professionals spend a significant amount of time styling the curly, woolly coat for dog shows to get the picture-perfect image. If you just want a snuggly pet, a low-maintenance short clip would suffice.

Coton de Tulear 

This endearing companion breed, pronounced “coTAWN day two-LEE-are,” will follow you around the home like a cheery little shadow. The “royal dog of Madagascar” is said to be derived from dogs who survived a historic shipwreck near Madagascar, and they have soft, white hair like bichons. It will not trigger your allergies, unlike regular fur.

Water Spaniel of Ireland

Don’t limit yourself to terriers and toy dogs if you’re seeking a hypoallergenic breed. Irish water spaniels are a sporting breed that (surprise!) enjoys the water. These natural-born swimmers even have repellent coats, so they can not only keep your allergies at bay, but they can also jump in and out of the pool all day. 

Lagotto Romagnolo 

Don’t be fooled by the fancy name. These woolly, small- to medium-sized puppies are anything but arrogant. They are everything a dog lover could want: low-shedding, active but not overly hyper, easygoing, and affectionate. They even have a hidden talent: Lagotti is particularly good at truffle hunting. They may spend more time in your care looking for toys in your backyard.

The Lhasa Apso

Originally, the Lhasa Apso was developed to serve as guard dogs in Himalayan monasteries and castles. Because this little breed enjoys fast walks and clowning around, many Lhasa owners prefer to maintain their full-grown pets in the shorter, trimmer “puppy cut” to keep trimming to a minimum. It shortens grooming time for the otherwise fluffy furballs, but they also look lovely if you let their luscious fur longer.

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Adorable Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten terriers don’t need much of an introduction. It’s all in the name: these adorable dogs have velvety coats that are the color of, well, wheat. They’re so welcoming that they have a trademark greeting known as the “Wheaten greetin’,” in which they jump up to meet their owners.