10 Best yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair

10 Best yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair

After having tried extravagant treatments and beauty products for your skin rejuvenation are you ready to try something inexpensive and new? With growing awareness, the money and time spent on looking good are at an all-time high. As they say, you should have yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair from the inside to be able to look good on the outside. Yoga has proved profitable here too. It not only has multiple health profits physically, but it is also signify to work on your skin and giving it a glow like no serums can and commercial cream. All you need is an hour and you would see positive results with zero investment. Abhishek Maheshwari, a yoga instructor says, ‘Pranayama, breathing exercises, fish pose and headstand are primarily the best for glowing skin’.

Practice these asanas to make your skin clear of pollution and toxins!

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It signified as the shoulder stand and is considered the most successful yoga asana for glowing skin. It supports in improving skin texture and quality to promote blood circulation toward your face. Practice this asana 3 to 5 times a day will get your skin rid of pimples, acne, dullness, and wrinkles as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair.

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It is also signified as the Plough pose and is one of the best asanas to achieve glowing and healthy skin naturally. This asana supports improving your digestive process that is necessary as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair.

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This forward-bending pose promotes blood flow to the face and makes it one of the most practical poses for glowing skin. This yoga pose not only increases oxygen supply to the skin cells but also supplies helpful nutrients that fight the damage caused by free encourages and radicals skin rejuvenation as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair.

Benefits of Doing Padmasana Daily

Padmasana – Lotus Pose:

Sit down on your yoga mat with your back straight

Look forwards held out both your legs

Now bring your right knee to touch your left hip

Bring your left knee to touch your right hip, your both legs must be crossed against each other

Place your both the hands in Dhyana mudra pose on your thighs 

Keep your quiet back straight

Take a regular deep breath in and breathe out as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair

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Sit down pretty straight with your legs stretched out

Place your right palm on the right knee and the left palm on the left knee

Inhale, Now do bend forward and try out better to catch your toes

Bend the arm to touch the floor

Exhale and stay in there for certain seconds

Return the past position as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair

Repeat this 3 – 4 times

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This yoga posture not only offers your skin a glow but also makes it tight and firm. Because when you do this pose, the muscles of your neck and chest are stretched out, this can solve the issue of a double chin. Because this pose refines blood circulation towards your head, due to which you get an instant glowing face. If you’re suffering from back and neck pain or high blood pressure and migraine, then strictly ignore this as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair.

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One yoga with numerous profits. This asana opens up your chest, heart, and lungs, thereby increasing the oxygen supply. And as a result of increased oxygen supply, your skin tone refines. Along with all these profits, your arms, legs, and thighs also become toned and slim. People with slip disc, high blood pressure, and heart disease must ignore practicing this yoga posture as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair

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This is an exceedingly relaxing pose for the back. You can do this easily to get relaxation between or after long working hours. And as far as the skin is worried.

 It increases blood circulation on your head and face, which lessens stress and brings a glow to the skin. Ignore practicing this if you are pregnant or in case of serious knee injury and back.

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This asana enhances the blood flow to the head region which is necessary to maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth. This yoga posture can be profitable for insomnia, depression, and stress, and also strengthens the arms, back and legs. Humans with a dislocated shoulder must ignore this yoga posture and pregnant women should consult the expert or doctor first.

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Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

This pose of yoga for skin care works successfully in giving you a glowing complexion. Practice this pose regularly supports by putting intense pressure on the abdominal region, which in turn support in detoxifying the body. Practice these asanas to make your skin clear of pollution and toxins!


Everyone needs to look and feel good in a natural manner but skin issues don’t leave us. These skin issues appear on our faces due to unhealthy stressful lifestyles. No matter what the reason is, doing the following asanas will support you in getting problem-free skin as yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair.